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“The starting point for leadership is personal development, and this focuses on understanding oneself, understanding other people, developing oneself and developing others”

          Tom Kirby Chairman of Games Workshop Group plc


We have positive feedback from clients including the following:

“We were helped to clarify and set objectives from the start. Rosemary opened up senior managers / directors to the idea of recognising the need to improve managerial relationships and coached us through a thorny issue which is now satisfactorily resolved. We achieved value for money from our executive coaching with Rosemary, as strategic leadership and delegation has improved and we have achieved all of our objectives.”

Matthew Flint – Sales Director, Directline Holidays

An inspired and motivated workforce is essential for any business that wants to outperform the competition. But just how do you inspire people? What kind of leadership do people respond to and how can you improve the quality of leadership in your business?

At Resolve HR Consultancy, we offer coaching to executives and managers to extend potential and take performance to the next level. Using a range of coaching tools and techniques we help identify barriers and coach for success through: Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Who can benefit?

•  Recently promoted business managers and leaders

•  Successful managers who want to further enhance their leadership skills

•  “Rising stars” who want to improve their management skills

•  Technical managers who want to strengthen their interpersonal communication skills

•  Valuable executives seeking to resolve current issues

•  Business, through effective succession preparation of targeted leaders

•  Managers and Executives pursuing skills development in order to more effectively meet current or ••changing job expectations.

Resolve HR Consultancy help enhance leadership success by building on existing strengths and opportunities. Our coaching will help you set goals for optimal performance.

Developing Managers

Management effectiveness is crucial to any organisation wanting to achieve its aims and objectives and improve performance.

Managers play a vital role in helping people to maximise their contribution to the organisation. In order to do this they need to be effective in the way they lead, manage and develop their staff.

We deliver bespoke ‘in-house’ development programmes for our clients that can involve one-to-one coaching, workshops and management development courses to suit our client’s needs. If you are interested in finding out more about the example courses listed below or our management development coaching click here to contact Resolve HR Consultancy

Executive Coaching

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, HR professional or business leader / manager, Resolve Human Resources Consultancy can provide business, executive and personal development coaching to help you achieve career and business success.

Employing People

• Recruitment

• Employee Relations

• Employment Law and Policies

• People Management

• Outplacement

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Unlock your potential

At ResolveHR we use an approach that uncovers the internal interferences that stop you achieving your potential and inhibit successful performance. We utilise a range of coaching tools and techniques to help you plan actions to take you forward to achieve your potential including a powerful Emotional Intelligence on-line questionnaire helps you discover and overcome barriers to successful performance in all areas of your life.

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Training & Development Courses

• Recruitment and Interviewing Skills

• Handling Discipline and Grievance situations

• Leadership and Management Development

• Managing Performance / Appraisal Skills

• Effective Learning and Evaluation

• Improving your Business

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Management Development Coaching Courses

•  Achieving Results

•  Assertiveness

•  Delivering Effective Learning & Development

•  Designing & Implementing a Competency Framework

•  Developing Leadership Skills

•  Effective Communications

•  Effective Delegation

•  Effective Presentation Skills

•  Effective Recruitment

• Emotionally Intelligent Management

•  Making Meetings Work

•  Managing People through Change

•  Managing Performance & Appraisal Skills

•  Managing Projects Effectively

•  Motivating & Building the Team

•  Self Management

•  Time Management

Developing Managers Case Study

A sales company asked for our help as they had lost profitability. We identified lack of direction from the top, managers not taking ownership or responsibility for decisions, limited delegation skills and lack of team spirit between departments.

We helped find solutions through identification of key issues and opportunities, clarifying roles and responsibilities; holding successful team building and delegation sessions.

The result:

•  A restructured management team with enhanced skills.

•  The company now work as ‘one-team’

•  Staff took ownership and responsibility.

•  Delegation has improved

•  The company has grown from 50 to 75 employees

•  Improved retention of staff

•  Back in profit

Personal Development Coaching

The Golden Rule in Life

1. Decide what you want.

2. Ask for it.

Most people think asking for what you want is the hard part. The truth is that most of us find deciding what we want is the most difficult. We are not clear about what we really want out of life.

Working with a Resolve personal development coach can give you the confidence and ability to move forward by helping you decide what you really want out of all the areas of your life and to identify the barriers that are holding you back. The coach supports and guides you through the changes that will make a difference, helping you set goals and take actions for a successful future.

A professional personal development coach has an open and objective mind and the focus is on helping you decide what you want out of life. Personal Development coaching is confidential, non-judgemental and unconditional allowing you to explore issues and ideas safely. It is designed purely to support your development and to encourage you to achieve your goals. At Resolve we help you uncover the beliefs, attitudes and values that help or hinder you in life, develop action plans and help you stay motivated and ‘on-track’ to succeed. We have dynamic, focused discussions about your present and future which help to take you forward.

Ask yourself these questions:

•  How are you living your life?

•  Do you feel something is missing?

•  Would you like greater clarity and purpose?

•  Are you healthy and fit?

• Are you able to prioritise the important things in life?

•  Do you achieve work-life balance?

•  Do you have rewarding relationships?

•  Are you facing significant change?

•  Are you living & enjoying every moment?

What are the Benefits of Personal Development Coaching?

•  Improved self-esteem

•  Greater self-awareness

•  More control of your life

•  Improved relationships

•  A sense of purpose

•  A fulfilling job or career

•  Better time management

•  Communication clearer

•  Better balance across all areas of life

•  Less stress

•  More fun

•  Fitter, healthier & happier

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